My online Bible Teaching.

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Song of Solomon Teaching

The Big Picture Teaching (Vision and Calling)

Click HERE for Online Big Picture main Flash Diagram.

Gates of Jerusalem Teaching (Personal Restoration)
Click HERE to go to my online teaching on the Gates of Jerusalem as restored under the leading of Nehemiah. You can also view the complete teaching as a updated FLASH PRESENTATION or download the FULL POWERPOINT PRESENTATION
Spiritual GIfts Teaching

Click HERE to read my book on Spiritual Gifts called "Painting The Picture".

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Bible Times and Customs Teaching

First Corinthians Teaching

Click HERE for my online teaching on 1 Corinthians. Click HERE for my PowerPoint Teaching on First Corinthians and HERE for the student sheet.

First Peter Teaching

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First and Second Thessalonians Teaching

Click HERE for my student worksheet on 2 Thessalonians.

Temperaments Teaching

Click HERE for the my teaching on Temperaments.


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