After having completed the 
previous questionairre add 
up the totals of the following 
groups of statements 
(use the numbers under the 
response given - eg. much 
= 3, sometimes = 2 etc. to 
put in the brackets)
You should arrive at a total
for each of the five groups
which will be used in drawing
your wall.
Group No. Add up statement numbers..(scores in brackets) 

1.             1( )+6( )+11( )+16( )+21( )+26( )+31( )+36( ) =

2 .            2( )+7( )+12( )+17( )+22( )+27( )+32( )+37( ) =

3 .            3( )+8( )+13( )+18( )+23( )+28( )+33( )+38( ) =

4 .            4( )+9( )+14( )+19( )+24( )+29( )+34( )+39( ) =

5 .          5( )+10( )+15( )+20( )+25( )+30( )+35( )+40( ) =

Creating your own Wall...
To the right you will see the outline of a wall (in lines). Each level of the Wall represents (from the bottom up) the sucessive stages of love in the Song of Solomon. Also each level corresponds to the group number you have added together the totals for . What you must do is fill in (as a block for each level) the total score (Click for  AN EXAMPLE)... 

Use your results from the forty questions as you have been directed and you will be able to see your own personal wall that will reveal where you are in terms of your progress of love.  Everyone will have their own unique wall, some more stable than others. It is important to read the wall correctly and take the necessary steps to make sure your wall is built properly.

It is possible to have a 'false wall' which is not really representative of your love relationship with Jesus (due to not being totally honest in answering the questions).

               YOUR PERSONAL WALL           (Stage No.)


 |                                                                           | 5


 |                                                                           | 4


 |                                                                           | 3


 |                                                                           | 2


 |                                                                           | 1


 6                     12                    18                      24

                                (Score Totals) 

Reading the Wall:

Having drawn your own ‘WALL’ it is important to ‘read’ it - i.e. work out what it tells you. If you imagine each level is a ‘building block’. Obviously, if a lower level is smaller than a higher level, the higher level will fall. This means your wall is unstable and the lower levels need to be developed more before concentrating on the higher. For example.....
In the ‘wall’ to the left, the 3rd level (Painful Love) is obviously unstable. The first and second levels (Premature and Possessive) need to be concentrated on first before building the third! It is possible that this person is concentrating on suffering, going the way of the cross (Stage 3) but without having really overcome their self nature (stage 2) or understood His call on their life. 
If the higher levels are bigger than some lower ones it means that a proper foundation has not been laid for the stage they seem to be at - they are 'living a lie' and deluding themselves into thinking they are spiritually more advanced than is a reality in their life. 

The wall to the right is a well balanced wall. The person has been through all stages to some degree, and no one stage is out of balance. He must continue to make sure the foundations get stronger so that the higher levels can expand. 
A healthy 'wall' will look like steps going upwards and each block will easily support the one above it. This is the way each of us should be built up in our love realtionship with Jesus. 

 When you have pinpointed which level needs concentrating on, or needs to be cut down in order to concentrate on lower levels, you can study in more detail the notes on that level. Also look up the statements relating to that level in this analysis and do what is necessary in prayer. The 'building blocks chart' below will help you in pinpointing the major areas that need to be worked on....

Building Blocks For Each Level:

 To help you further, the following chart shows the various ‘building blocks’ that make up each level (in summary form) which we have been through in this course. From your ‘wall’ you should now know which level you need to concentrate on or to ‘unbuild’ (i.e. cut back). The following chart summarizes the main things for each level....
The main ‘building blocks’ involved.
(1) Premature Love
Intimacy with Jesus. 
Love for Word.
Hearing the Lord & 
Sensing His presence.
Thirsty for Him.
(2) Possessive Love
Hearing God’s Call. 
Coming out of Comfort Zones. 
Seeing the Signs of the Times. 
Seperating yourself to Him.
World Vision.
Burden for the Lost.
(3) Painful Love
Vision of His Victory. 
Quality decisions to follow Him no matter what the cost.
Deeply involved in Spiritual Warfare. 
Saying ‘no’ to the World, ‘yes’ to the Cross.
(4) Powerful Love
Endure suffering with patience. 
Moving in His Calling/Will.
Actively involved in reaching the Lost. 
Burden to see renewal /revival in the land. 
Take place in God’s Army.
Walking in victory and power.
(5) Perfecting Love
Leaning 100% on Jesus. 
Great awakening. 
Completely free from dryness/curses. Center of God's Will.
Cry for Him to return. 
Giving much for His work.
Spiritual Mother/Father

Use all the above prayerfully and carefully. Remember, be as open and honest as you possibly can as this is for your own benefit. You are not in competition with others around you...but with yourself!! (except to ‘outdo one another in love’!).

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