Prayer Altars Training


This page is dedicated to providing you with the resources necessary to build strong and effective Prayer Altars.

This training is based on my booklet, Building Prayer Altars. Click HERE  to contact Church of Singapore (Bukit Timah) via our website to get the paperback books subject to availability.

To get the Building Prayer Altars eBook click HERE (click HERE for the expanded version)
The eBook is honourware , meaning you can freely download and donate whatever you think you should to honour the work.

Scroll down for training online with videos and booklet downloads - these need to be supplemented with a live session where Rev. Tim will take you on the Prayer Altar Journey.

To invite Rev. Tim Gibson to conduct training in your church or group do email him with your request at (Rev. Tim is based in Singapore).

The foundation of building a strong and effective Prayer Altar is soaking in the Word of God. I have developed a 120 Day (four months) reading of the Bible Chronologically. This is reading about ten chapters of the Bible daily. Click on the booklet cover to the left  or HERE to view and download it. I have also developed small group discussion questions for weekly meetings in the context of a group reading through this plan together but it can be used individually too.

See below for online training....

Below is a sample of the training.

Click below on the course you want to go through (note: this is no substitute for going through the live training as Prayer Altars is more 'caught' than 'taught' and the following materials do not cover all that will be covered in the training sessions or have the living testimonies that add to the understanding of this wonderful revelation).


PART ONE: Building Prayer Altar



PART TWO: Prayer Altar Lifestyle




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To book Rev.Tim for training or find out when he is next training on Prayer Altars please contact him at