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The foundation of building a strong and effective Prayer Altar is soaking in the Word of God. I have developed a 120 Day (four months) reading of the Bible Chronologically. This is reading about ten chapters of the Bible daily. Click on the booklet cover to the left  or HERE to view and download it. I have also developed small group discussion questions for weekly meetings in the context of a group reading through this plan together but it can be used individually too.

Click on the book title or HERE to view and download my book "Warriors of the Ssorc", a Christian fiction novel based on my online adventure game The Sojourner.

Click here to view my online flash booklet  about The Fear and Favour of God. Click HERE for the epub ebook version (for mobile devices).

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How to preach (Homiletics)

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Click HERE for my Hermeneutics (how to interpret Scripture) Presentation notes, HERE for the student worksheet and HERE for the Powerpoint. Click HERE for my video teaching (Bible Scope)

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 OT SURVEY 1 - Overview and the Torah (PPTX)

 OT SURVEY 2 - Joshua to David (PPTX)

 OT SURVEY 3 - Solomon to Nehemiah (PPTX)

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 NT SURVEY 1 - Overview and Gospels (PPTX)

 NT SURVEY 2 - Acts onwards (PPTX)


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My teaching on Theology Proper (The Doctrine of God).

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