The Bright

Arrows Vision


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The Vision

Isaiah 2:2; 49:2

Bright arrows come from the altars of the Lord . In the top picture it is arrows coming from many types of prayer altars all over Singapore and being sent into the nations.

In the picture to the left the altar on the mountain represents Singapore's national altar God wants to establish on His holy mountain to send out bright arrows as He directs.

Building Prayer Altars


This is my latest booklet which is being circulated for revival in Singapore. This is an outworking of the Bright Arrows vision God gave me in 1989 and has also given to my Church for Singapore. I am teaching as many people, groups and churches as want to hear and experience this movement of God. Do contact me if you want me to share with your group or register for a forthcoming training at who are organizing my sessions.

This is not available for purchasing online yet but can be ordered through my Church - COSBT - Click HERE to visit their website. Click HERE for a sample.

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