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Latest Sermons from Pastor Tim
Seasons of Love Series (Song of Solomon)
Love One Another Sermon Series (1 John)

The Beatitudes Sermon Series
The Culture of Blessing Series
The Spiritual Gifts Series

The Power of the Lord is Present to Heal:

The Day of Atonement Message:

Tribulation Training Message:

Encouraging Words/Messages during COVID-19
Hearing the Voice of God series

Waiting on God series

Sermons from Full Gospel Church JB

The Altar of Blessing (22nd September 2019 in FGCJB).



A video sermon of me from FGJB, Malaysia.

Three Waves of Personal Restoration.

A video sermon of me from FGJB, Malaysia.

Series on Joshua (Building Prayer Altars : Possessing the Land). Jan to Sept 2019

Coming Clean (Josh 1-5).
The Weapons of Our Warfare (Josh 6).
The Achan Breakin' Heart (Josh 7-8).
From Scam to Scram. (Josh 9-10).
The King, Kings and Kingdom. (Josh 11-13).
Give me this mountain. (Josh 14-15).
Conquering Complaints. (Josh 16-17).
Awakening From Complacency. (Josh 18-19).
Marketplace Prayer Altars (Sept-Oct 2018)
Commit Your Work to God.
The Word @ Work.
Praise @ Work.
Cleansing @ Work.
Wonders @ Work.
Watchmen @ Work.
Kings @ Work.
Family Altar (March - August 2017)
God's Template for Families.
Fixing Fallen Families.
Teaching Families About God.
Bringing Children to Christ.
Helping Children Grow Spiritually.
Praying for our Children.
Father's Role @ The Altar.
Parent's Priorities .
Imparting Godly Character.
Walking the Walk.

Personal Prayer Altars Messages(2016-2018)

Soaking in the Word
Cleansing @ the Altar.
Offering our Bodies to God.
Covenant of Sacrifice
Revelation @ the Altar
Pushing Back the Darkness
Sanctuary Seekers.
Praying in the Spirit.
True Intercession.
Back to the Garden.
Carrying the Ark.
Wakeup Call Series (July 2016 - February 2017)
Times and Seasons
The State of the Nations
Burning the Midnight Oil
The Key to Winning the Race
Set Apart For A Purpose Part 1
Set Apart For A Purpose Part 2
The Nazarite Vow
Idols of the Heart
Procrastination and Distractions.
The God Kind of Wisdom.
The Power of Surrender.
Love Makes Surrender Possible.
Covenant of Love.
Standing in Covenant Position.
God is Raising Up an Army.
Hearing the Silver Trumpets.

Calling on the Name of the Lord.

Other Message (2017-2019)
Love Without Limits.
Hidden in the Cleft of the Rock.
When God Says Amen.
Breaking the Curse.
Up the Holy Hill.
The Power and Foolishness of the Cross.
Purifying Promises.
Warrior Builders.
The Power of Agreement.
The Art of Asking.
Feasts of Israel

Christ our Passover.
Elul - The King is in the Field.
Fasting @the Altar.
The Days of Awe.
The Feast of Tabernacles.
Prayer and Fasting