FIRST THESSALONIANS- Gospel Power Living For The End Times

By Rev.Tim Gibson

Copyright 2001Gibson Productions

Welcome to this study on the Biblical Epistle of First Thessalonians. This lesson is presented in the form of student worksheets and it is recommended that you print out all 38 pages to form this course into a work sheet booklet that you can work your way through. It is quite self-explanatory and a teacher's guide will soon be available to clarify the correct answers to all the blanks and questions.

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Following is a detailed outline of the course.....


Page/s            Description

1                      Front Cover.

2                      List of Resources Used.

3                      Course Outline.

4-6                   Lesson 1 : Introduction to First Thessalonians.

7                       Home Research Number 1.

8-12                 Lesson 2: The Impact of Gospel Living.

13                    Home Research Number 2.

14-18              Lesson 3: The Imparting of Gospel Power Living.

19                    Home Research Number 3.

20-24              Lesson 4: The Increasing of Gospel Power Living.

25                    Home Research Number 4.

26-29              Lesson 5: The Imperative of Gospel Power Living.

30                    Home Research Number 5.

31-38              Lesson 6: The Immediacy of Gospel Power Living.