Overcoming Church Problems

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List of Contents...



(a) Introduction - Method of Biblical Interpretation



(b) Lesson Outline

---Lesson One : Overview - Historical / literary background and outline.



---Lesson Two : Divisions-(Chapters 1-4) - Introduction.

---------------------------------------------------(i) Division due to teachings.

---------------------------------------------------(i) Division due to teachers.


---Lesson Three: Church Discipline-(Chapters 5-6)- Introduction.

--------------------------------------------------- (i) The Case of Incest.

--------------------------------------------------- (ii) The Case of Lawsuits

--------------------------------------------------- (iii)The Case of Fornication


---Lesson Four : Bodily Resurrection -(Chapter 15) - Introduction.

--------------------------------------------------- (i) The Resurrection of Christ.

--------------------------------------------------- (ii) The Resurrection of the dead.

--------------------------------------------------- (iii)The Resurrection Body.


---Lesson Five : Marriage & Related Issues -(Chapter 7) - Introduction.

--------------------------------------------------- (i) To The Married.

--------------------------------------------------- (ii)To The Not Yet Married.


---Lesson Six : Food Sacrificed to Idols -(Chapters 8-10) - Introduction.

---------------------------------------------------(i) SECTION ONE: Chapter 8:1-13.

---------------------------------------------------(ii) SECTION TWO: Chapter 9:1-27.

---------------------------------------------------(iii) SECTION THREE: Chapter 10:1-13.

---------------------------------------------------(iv) SECTION FOUR: Chapter 10:14-22.

---------------------------------------------------(v) SECTION FIVE: Chapter 10:23-11:1.

---Lesson Seven: Problems in Church Assembly -(Chapters 11-14) Introduction.


---------------------------------------------------(i) The Veiling Of Women In Church.

---------------------------------------------------(ii) Behaviour During The Lord's Table.

---------------------------------------------------(iii) The Use Of The Gifts Of The Spirit.


(c) Conclusions - (Chapter 16) - Paul's Concluding Words.

List of Names of people mentioned in First Corinthians.

List of Definitions of items and things mentioned in First Corinthians.

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